Buylist Policies

We're always buying your gaming gear!

At Save Point we focus on you, the gamer, and want to offer you the best selling experience possible. We strive to keep a full listing of all products we will purchase but sometimes some will go missing. If you do not see what your trying to sell please send us an email at and our expert buying moogles will get right back to you as soon as possible with a price!

Some FYI's:

  • We offer payment via PayPal, Check ($25 Minimum, $2 fee for S&H), or Store Credit. Please note that if you select payment via PayPal, some fees may apply. 
  • We give 30% more in trade on all items. Your store credit can be used at or at our retail locations. If what your looking for isn't available at this very moment don't sweat it. We'll save your store credit till the zombie apocolypse and then some.
  • Our little moogles work day and night to try and offer you the best prices possible and prices are updated multiple times a week. So please keep that in mind if you save your order for another day.
  • We always are striving to better our services. If you have any questions, concerns or improvements let us know at

How we grade our cards:

NM (Near Mint): Nearly flawless. At most some slight packaging wear. It has that good pack fresh feel (and smell... you know what were talking about).


LP (Lightly Played): Minor border, and corner damage. Could also be slight scuffing or scratches. No major damage. Foils and Holos may show some slight fading or warping.


MP (Moderately Played): Moderate wear or visible flaws. Moderate border, and corner damage. Water damage, scratching, scuffing, creases, whitening and minor dirt build up get classified as MP. Still tournament playable for the most part.


HP (Heavily Played): Severe damage. Major creasing, folds, water damage, very whitened, heavy border wear or tears are all considered HP. May not be tournament playable.


D (Damaged): This card is sharpied, ripped, used a paper football or some kind of non intended purpose. Not tournament playable and most likely we will not be selling any cards at this condition.

*We will be fair and accurate in our grading but we always suggest to double check the condition of your cards before sending them off to us.*


We buy most non-Near Mint cards at the following rates (there is always exceptions to any rule):

  • Lightly Played(LP) at 80% of their Near Mint price
  • Moderately Played(MP) at 70% of their Near Mint price
  • Heavily Played(HP) at 60% of their Near Mint price
  • Damaged(D) 40% of their Near Mint price (can vary depending on type/extensiveness of damages)

Also, for any non-Near Mint cards we receive that we normally buy at $.10 we follow the following rules:

  • Any rare that we buy for $0.10 or less that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought for $0.05
  • Any common or uncommon that we buy for $0.10 or less that arrives in worse than Near Mint condition will instead be bought at our bulk rate of an fifth of a penny ($0.002) each.

If you wish to avoid these downgrades, please go over our grading standards and double check your cards before shipping.

* Cards from certain older card sets such as Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark and Collector's Edition will not follow the above standards and will be judged on a card/card basis if arrived not in Near Mint condition. If you have any questions please send us an email at


How to sell Save Point Cards:

  • You can easily find the percise card your looking to sell by using the search bar at the top left of the screen or can browse using the product list on the left hand side of the screen. Once you've located a card you are interested in selling to us, just add it to your Sell Cart. Please be aware that you must be in "Selling Mode" (click on "BUYLIST" on the top bar next to the home button) to add cards to your sell cart.
  • To edit your Cart or Checkout, simply click the "View Buylist/Submit" link in the Cart Summary section.
  • Follow the system prompts to complete your sell order.
  • Please wait for your confirmation email to sent to you. After you submit your sell order, we double check the order to make sure there is not multiple orders coming in for the same card to ensure the correct buy price. Usually this takes less than a business day, but please read the email carefully when it arrives because sometimes we do make some changes. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days, please contact us at so we can manually confirm the status of your buylist.
  • Please include a print out of your confirmation email with your package. If we don't know who to pay it can get confusing and hold up your order. (The moogles may be magic but are not mind readers)
  • Make sure that your cards are sorted in the order that they appear on your confirmation email. If your cards arrive out of order, please expect an additional delay of up to 5 business days before completion of your buylist. Please note that in certain cases, such as buylists of hundreds of cards that arrive in no order at all, we may either return the entire order or else charge a fee of up to 11% of the final value of your buylist. We will contact you before processing your buylist if we intend to return it or assess a penalty.
  • Remember to package your cards neatly and securely. We can't be responsible for the time the cards leave your house to arrive at ours. Please do not place your order in plastic zip lock bags or wrap them with rubber bands, these will damage your cards and will result in your cards being "downgraded" when graded. We highly recommend sending your order in plastic card cases or boxes designed specifically to hold trading cards. Bubble mailers are fine as well but please secure the cards so that they do not get loose while making the journey to us. We also ask that you please not sleeve your cards, the moogles little fingers have trouble unsleeving all of those cards and this will delay us paying your money.
  • Please address all buylists to: 

Save Point

304 Market Street

Lower Level

Lemoyne PA 17043

  • We strongly recommend that you purchase tracking and insurance for your package, although is not required. Occasionally things get lost or damaged while traveling to us and we can not be responsible for your order while in transit. In order to protect yourself and your package we encourage you to spend the extra few dollars on both tracking and/or insurance.  (We personally would do all with tracking and any order over $50 with some kind of insurance. A lot of tracking options offer $50 insurance for free)
  • The card market is constantly changing. Due to only honor the prices we agreed to in your order confirmation for 10 days after receiving the order. We will still process your order after that time frame but the price of your order may defer and/or cards may be returned. 
  • We will send an email to you when your package arrives at our facility. You will receive another email once your cards were graded and a total value has been determined. Please keep in mind that we may downgrade from the estimated value sent in your original confirmation email due to grading discrepencies. 
  • We check all the orders sent in to us each business day. So please give us one to two business days to grade your order.
  • If you want to change your buylist for any reason before sending it to us, for instance to remove a card from the list, please make a note on the invoice. If you wish to add cards, please submit a second buylist. Please feel free to include multiple buylists in one package, but remember to include the invoices for each one.

*Foreign Cards* We only English cards unless noted. If we receive foreign card in replace for an English card, we may discount the cards price by up to 30% or return them the card(s) at your expense.

Got Bulk?

Got those little rares and such stacking up that aren't listed on our buylist? We will take those as well, check our prices below for our current offers:

Bulk Magic Rares: $0.10 each

Bulk Magic Mythic Rares: $0.25 each

Bulk Magic FOIL Rares: $0.25 each

Bulk Magic FOIL Mythic Rares: $1.00 each

Bulk Promotional Cards: $0.05 each

Bulk Magic Commons/Uncommons: $0.00125 each

Bulk Magic FOIL Commons/Uncommons: $0.05 each

  1. Please keep in mind that these prices are for bulk cards that are Near Mint and English. We will downgrade or return (at your expense) any grading descrepencies
  2. If you are interested in selling bulk cards, please send an email too 

Thank you for choosing Save Point for your selling needs and we hope to work with you in the future!